Michael H Greenspan has stolen thousands of dollars from Investors

Updated December 21, 2016

Original Posting May 25, 2013


The goal of this site is to prevent others from losing money. Folks, please take heed. I continue to receive reports of people losing money dealing with this individual. There are safer places to invest.

This site is based on my experience with Michael Harvey Greenspan of the Atlanta, Georgia area. Greenspan's LinkedIn page is at http://www.linkedin.com/pub/michael-greenspan/5a/48b/774/or now at https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelgreenspan1

Greenspan has stolen a several thousand dollar investment from me. Unfortunately, I also personally know several individuals that have collectively lost over $100,000 from investments in Greenspans' businesses.

Do not invest in any business associated with Michael Harvey Greenspan. Greenspans' businesses are currently operating under the following names that I know of (there could be more):

The websites include:

Greenspan sought investments from friends, friends' families, and anyone else that was willing to help. Greenspan presents himself as a very trustworthy individual. Greenspan presented full business plans and all the other standard documentation that made everything appear as the investment was worthwhile and legitimate. As the businesses started making money, Greenspan was supposed to pay back the investors. The payback never happened. Greenspan pocketed all profits. Greenspan then shut down one business and focused on the next, leaving investors with no pay back. Each business has different investors that are unaware of the past.

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If you have lost money in dealings with this individual, or want more information, contact fraud@sambriapharmafraud.org